All of the cards are made from plastic sheets into which are fused the different designs, created using recycled bags and other found elements. The cards are approximately 14 cm by 8 cm and come with an envelope and protective bag. All of the designs can be created in a selection of colours, as described and coded below. As with all of my other work the cards are all made individually and so no design will be identical.

All of the cards cost £2.00 (or 6 for £10), except ‘presents’ and ‘books’ which cost £2.50 (or 6 for £11)

Abstracts (CA)
Colour options & codes:

p/p – purple on pink
p/m – purples on mauve
db/pb – dark blues on pale blue
pb/dn – pale blues, silver on dark blue
b/n or p/n – blue or purple on newsprint
bs/n – black and silver on newsprint
dg/pg – dark greens on pale green
o/dg – oranges on dark green

Sealife (CS)
Colour options & codes:

sb/w – silver/ pale blue on white
o/a – orange/ gold on aqua green
w/b – white and silver on blue
o/b – orange and gold on blue
‘boat’ – designs as shown
‘wave’ – either a/b – aqua waves on blue or b/a – blue waves on aqua

Leaves (CL)
Colour options & codes:

dg/lg – dark green leaves on light green background
lg/dg – light green on dark green
r/o – deep red leaves on orange
o/r – orange leaves on deep red

‘Tree’ and ‘set of 3’ are designed in…
sg – spring colours
ao – autumn colours

Flowers (CF), Heart (CH)
Colour options & codes:

The flowers are designed in a combination of…
p – pinks and purples
o – oranges and reds

The set of three is also available in
br – rust and gold

The heart card is designed in pink