Each of the pendants are handcrafted using plastic bags, cotton, newspaper and wire. These are hung on sterling silver finings, all chains and external wire are sterling silver with the exception of the belts, which are strung on silver plated wire and finings. Clip ear fastenings (silver plated) are available (at the same price), as are gold finings (at an extra cost): include these in your additional requirements.

No piece can be duplicated exactly, they are all individual, but to get a basic format, combine the designs below with your own colour requirements (see colour page), and determine whether you want your pieces long (l) or short (s), (insert ‘l’ or ‘s’ in the size column of your order form). Chokers, belts and obviously ‘name’ necklaces are made to individual customer specifications.

Jewellery (JE-) – flat earrings – £12.00

Multi piece earrings, studs and flat earrings are available in a selection of shapes; identify this in your products description and also how many pieces you would like to JEM.
Also Mini Earrings available – £16.50 (random flat (fl) or spiral designs (sp))
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