About me and my inspirations…

I returned to producing my own craft work last Easter having finished my Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I am now able to work part time as a lecturer and fulfil my own artistic goals.

completed my degree at Edinburgh College of Art in Tapestry (drawing and painting) in 1993. With my move to Nottingham I developed a craft business making and selling papier mache work.

have always been interested in the concept of recycling and this provides the core inspiration for my work.

In the past I have experimented with a variety of found materials, such as paper, scrap metal and cans, man made and natural found objects; now of course I am interested in plastics and packaging.

My main inspiration is the materials that I am using and how they can be manipulated and recreated in to a new form. Environmental issues, including that of waste are very important to me.

In addition to this nature, the sea the sky, the elements, fire, erosion, decay and change are all aspects that directly and indirectly affect the thinking and ideas behind my work.


he technique that I am using I have developed over the past year, (to the best of my knowledge, I know of no one else using a similar method). I first began experimenting with recycling plastics in response to teaching a course on glass painting, I decided that ‘plastic was the future’, or at least for me it was!

have experimented with lots of different plastics, techniques, tools and methods to differing degrees of success and finally devised a way of using plastic bags.

The bags and other materials are collaged together using heat to bond them together. I create each piece by building up layers and so gradually developing a more intricate design. I may include other elements such as newspaper, different wires, (I often use silver and copper wire in my jewellery pieces), fabrics, cotton and personal finds for my own pieces.

love the versatility of the medium; it can be very delicate, (e.g. multilayered light shades) or quite thick and very sturdy, (the buttons). It is hard to predict the end result and so each piece takes on a life of its own.

I am still experimenting, so watch my site for future developments. The structural elements have led me to investigate other plastics, resins and techniques, all of which could lead to exciting new results.

I need your bags!
I always need colourful and interesting bags, so please recycle your plastic carrier bags; save them up and post them to me, I will be happy to reimburse the postage fee… bags!
bags2riches, 20a, Mansfield Road, Eastwood, Nottingham NG16 3AQ